S.A. Hunter's Journal: Update

S.A. Hunter's Journal: Update

Wanted: Wolfdog, Husky, or Malamute Stud in Florida!

My Cherokee is due to come into Season between Now and August. Her stud has moved to NY, so I am in a search for a new one. This will be her second and possibly last litter. Here is a pic of my Cherokee and her last litter of cubs, she had 3 whites, 3 black/whites, and 2 timbers (which I kept). In looking for my Stud as a wolfdog, I only want a Wolf mixed with husky or malamute-- No other breeds!!! I will also breed her with a husky or malamute with no wolf in it .

My Wolfdogs, 11 months today.

Brutis(left) and Little Foot(right) turn 11 months today. They weigh a little under 80lbs. They have grown up to be handsome loving boys. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Our Wolfdogs

Our Wolfdogs; Cherokee and her offspring Brutis and Little Foot. Cherokee's pups are a lil' over 8 months and are growing fast.

Wolfdog Pups at 6 months.....

Little Foot and Brutis at 6 months, boy have they grown! Their personalities grow every day. They have turned out to be beautiful Wolfdogs.
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